Re-launched REB recruits top trainer Tom Panos

Re-launched REB recruits top trainer Tom Panos

10 August 2021

Momentum Media’s leading real estate platform Real Estate Business (REB) has enhanced its offering with additional written and multimedia content around industry trends, technology, career development and education.

Tom Panos is a leading auctioneer, real estate speaker and coach and has been immersed in the real estate industry for over 30 years.

REB news editor Grace Ormsby said that a booming real estate market has driven significant demand for content on the platform.

“We decided to look at what we’re doing and see what else we could offer to this fast-growing market. We wanted to highlight areas of potential growth, support a community of agents who are working hard to further the profession as well as shine a light on emerging players,” she said.

User experience has been a top priority for REB in recent months. The new website began rolling out in May, including a cleaner look and an enhanced news section. The platform has also added its Top 50 Agents rankings on a state-by-state basis.

Tom Panos joins the team

REB has beefed up its educational content in response to increased demand for upskilling and those wanting to move into real estate from other professions. 

“We have heard so many stories of people who are looking to retrain in real estate because they were in an industry that was impacted by COVID-19 and lost their job,” Ms Ormsby explained.

As part of this, real estate trainer Tom Panos has come on board as head coach.

“We’re thrilled to have Tom taking a stronger role with REB and think his knowledge and insight will be invaluable to our readers as they move forward in their real estate careers,” Grace said.

A feast for the ears

With demand for information surging as businesses look to make the most of the current market, REB made the decision to expand its current podcast offering.

“Our first podcast, Secrets of the Top 100 Agents, was so popular we realised it was a good move to expand into different sub-topics and areas of interest,” Ms Ormsby said.

The REB Podcast Network now includes Women in Real Estate, or The WIRE, which hosts in-depth discussions with leading industry female figures on a broad range of topics, while the Business Empowerment Showcase helps real estate agents to adopt digital innovations.

Proptech the go

Property technology, or proptech, is a growing area of interest right across the real estate sector – from agents, to service providers and the tech providers themselves. This demand led REB to launch the Proptech Pulse podcast, which will give listeners the latest news, insights and analysis of all things proptech. 

“The property industry is very focused on tech, whether that be to help them on the financial side, e-signatures or marketing. However, they need help with where to invest their money as there are a lot of options out there,” Ms Ormsby said.

For example, if an agent is looking to invest in a new CRM, REB’s insightful content could help them make a more informed decision for their business. As part of its mission to better service real estate agents, REB is taking a closer look at the growing number of proptech start-ups entering the sector.

“We wanted to explore their origin stories as a way of shining the light on them and also increasing trust between the start-ups and agents,” Ms Ormsby said.

The team has big plans for the coming weeks and months as it looks to support the profession in 2021 and beyond.

“It’s a fantastic time to be adding extra resources and providing more valuable information to the real estate industry. We’re excited about what we’ve done so far. And there’s plenty more to come,” Ms Ormsby said.