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New partnership unveiled to empower African youth and women in poverty through education

New partnership unveiled to empower African youth and women in poverty through education

30 July 2020

Momentum Media has revealed a new philanthropic partnership for its Women in Finance Awards, Women in Real Estate Awards and Women in Law Awards, joining forces with So They Can, a not-for-profit organisation committed to children’s education in vulnerable communities in East Africa.

The new partnership will launch with the Women in Finance Awards and then expand into other focused awards programs throughout 2020.

The partnership will drive greater awareness of So They Can’s outstanding contribution to children and female empowerment in Africa with these key professional audiences, with a view to generate additional fundraising to support the ongoing delivery of key programs.

So They Can was founded in 2009 in response to the 2007 Kenyan election violence that saw more than 300,000 Kenyans internally displaced. 

In response to this crisis, co-founders and friends, Cassandra Treadwell and Keri Chittenden, provided support to an internally displaced persons camp of 6,700 Kenyans who were living in UNHCR tents on a block of land in Nakuru, a major provincial hub in Kenya.

Today, the organisation has expanded rapidly. It now supports 37 schools across Kenya and Tanzania, has trained 292 teachers at their Tanzanian teachers’ college and supports the education of over 24,000 young students. 

The organisation also works with over 1,200 women each year to provide income-generating opportunities through business and technical training programs and micro-financing. 

The new partnership between Momentum and So They Can will launch with the Women in Finance Awards, to be held in September, and then expand into other focused awards programs throughout 2020.

Momentum is a leading market intelligence and information business for a range of sectors, including legal, professional and financial services, real estate, investment, retirement, wealth, aerospace, defence and national security.

The Women in Finance Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of women across the Australian financial services industry. Now in its fourth year, the 2020 event is set to be the biggest yet with close to 600 submissions. 

So They Can CEO Cassandra Treadwell said the organisation was thrilled, humbled and honoured to be chosen as Momentum’s philanthropic partner, with the Women in Finance Awards the ideal platform to launch the relationship. 

“A large focus of So They Can’s work is empowering women and girls through our education, child wellbeing, women’s empowerment and community health and support programs – so this partnership feels very aligned,” Treadwell said.

“Early on while working in Africa, I was taught about the beautiful African philosophy of Ubuntu: ‘I am because of you’. 

“Nelson Mandela defined Ubuntu as the ‘essence of being human’ and Archbishop Desmond Tutu referred to Ubuntu to explain that our personal wellbeing is deeply connected to the wellbeing of others. 

“Working together with Momentum, we will be able to substantially grow our impact and change the future of children and women living in poverty through education, channelling the philosophy of Ubuntu.”

Momentum Media director Alex Whitlock said that he was looking forward to supporting So They Can and helping to raise awareness around the impact of the work the organisation does in Africa. 

“The work that So They Can undertakes in the communities they support in Kenya and Tanzania has an enormous impact. Education is a legacy that can last for ever and can transform the lives of young people, and those around them, in very challenging circumstances,” Whitlock said.

“What particularly aligns So They Can with our awards programmes for women is their dedication to empowering vulnerable young women, saving many from a life of hardship. 

“We're proud to support So They Can and we look forward to seeing what can be achieved together in highlighting their cause among Momentum's communities of empowered women in finance, real estate and law.” Mr Whitlock said.

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