Momentum Media’s expertise used to launch property investing book

Momentum Media’s expertise used to launch property investing book

Australia’s leading source on property investing, the Property Investment Podcast Network, hosted the founders of Rethink Investing to launch the second edition of their book on commercial property investments.

Scott and Mina O'Neill join Phil Tarrant for the Inside Commercial Property podcast.

Earlier this month, Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant visited the founders of the buyer’s agency, Scott and Mina O’Neill at a studio in North Sydney to record a podcast.

The podcast was recorded remotely using the technical expertise of Momentum Media to launch the second edition of Scott and Mina’s book, Rethink Property Investing. The couple also used the opportunity to take press shots for the book release.

The book explores commercial property investment through the lens of their personal journey, which evolved from residential property investing to commercial real estate. This includes experiences in industrial estates, shopping centres, and medical facilities.

Scott and Mina were spurred to revamp the book by significant events in the recent past that have had a profound impact on the economy and the property market, including the COVID-19 crisis, and higher inflation, which shifted interest rates from record lows to a decade-high since the rate rise cycle began in May 2022.

“In the ever-changing financial landscape, this book asserts that it is not enough to rely solely on traditional methods; it requires us to rethink, readjust, and renovate strategies to align with the evolving times,” they said on their website.

A long association

Each month, Scott and Mr Tarrant co-host the Inside Commercial Property with Rethink Investing podcast, which began in May 2020. The Inside Commercial Property podcast has had over 161,000 downloads in the past 12 months.

In the latest episode featured on the Property Investment Podcast Network, Scott and Mina discussed the updates to their book with Mr Tarrant, as well as their personal journey in building a substantial property portfolio.

The couple shared their experiences of starting from scratch and sleeping on a mattress in a family home to helping over 3,500 Australians achieve $3 billion in off-market, positive geared, high cash flow investment property purchases through Rethink Investing since 2015.

They discussed their philosophy toward commercial property investing, while Mina described how they transformed their “chaotic” portfolio into a well-structured and organised entity.

At the same time, Scott emphasised the importance of education and building lifelong relationships with clients.

Scott and Mina discussed the current state of and future opportunities in the commercial property market, while underscoring the importance of due diligence and being surrounded by a team of professionals, including brokers and solicitors.

The couple is driven by their passion for property and the satisfaction they derive from helping others achieve their goals, they told the podcast.

The husband-and-wife team also divulged how they have achieved a work/life balance, and the importance of identifying each other’s strengths and staying in their own lane.

They concluded the interview by discussing their future plans, including diversifying their portfolio and continuing to build the Rethink Investing brand.

Mr Tarrant said that he was pleased to utilise Momentum Media’s capabilities to record a podcast with Rethink Investing offsite and outside its studios.

Moreover, with the commercial property market having evolved significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic and interest rate rises, it is critical for commercial property specialists to unpack the latest trends and provide insights for enthusiastic investors, he said.

“It was a great experience to visit a studio other than our own to talk about some very pertinent topics around commercial property investing with Scott and Mina,” he said.

“Regardless of the location, Momentum Media ensured that it delivered the highest standard in technical expertise while recording remotely.

“The commercial property landscape is constantly changing, not least because of the pandemic and the current economic environment. Scott and Mina share important insights into how it has changed and where the opportunities are for investors, while tying this to their own personal journey.”

To listen to the full Inside Commercial Property podcast, click the player below: