Smart Property Investment Podcast Network marks huge podcast milestone

Smart Property Investment Podcast Network marks huge podcast milestone

03 November 2019

Podcasts from one of Momentum Media’s flagship podcast channels, The Smart Property Investment Network, have now been downloaded over 2.5 million times.

The Smart Property Investment Show has experienced rapid growth since it first went to air in 2015.

The Smart Property Investment Podcast Network, part of, includes three programs: The Smart Property Investment Show, Property Showcase, and Investing insights.

The Smart Property Investment Show has experienced rapid growth since it first went to air in 2015, and will continue to thrive in the future as more Australia’s turn to it for practical, non-nonsense insights on how to succeed in property investment.

With each episode at around 30 minutes long. it is released twice each week and is hosted by Momentum Media’s director and executive editor of real estate, Phil Tarrant.

Tarrant believes the outstanding success of the network is a result of its professional production and distribution of the right content, in the right medium, to the right audience, at the right time.

It’s also raw and authentic – which appeals to its growing audience of property investors and those focused on wealth creation strategies.

“The Smart Property Investment Show, and associated podcasts, affirms the power of audio engagement at this moment in history,” Tarrant said.

“There has been a surge in podcast engagement, generally, over the past few years, and the popularity of The Smart Property Investment Show highlights how much it’s resonated with its audience.”

According to Tarrant, listeners love the intimacy of a well-produced audio program – an experience they can enjoy during their daily commute, while they’re exercising, or while they’re undertaking other activities.

“It goes to show that, if you produce relevant, high-quality content in an audio format, audiences will readily consume it.

“We are committed, through our podcasts, to empowering Australian property investors and telling authentic stories that will help them in their investment journey,” he said.

The Smart Property Investment Podcast Network brings together the best of Australian property talent in a dedicated platform and delivers insights that helps investors create wealth through property.

The Smart Property Investment Show features regular guests such as real estate professionals, demographers, finance experts and influencers, sharing their observations on the property market, lender policies, government regulations and the national economy.

Investors’ own personal stories are also a key pillar and very popular part of the show – including Tarrant’s own personal story investing in partnership with Alex Whitlock, director of Momentum Media.

Other programs on the network include Property Showcase, which has the inside track on the products and businesses that can help property investors turbocharge their portfolios, maximise returns and make their overall investment experience seamless and stress-free.

Investing Insights is a monthly podcast partnership between Smart Property Investment and leading property buyers’ agents Steve Waters and Victor Kumar of Right Property Group. It delivers real-world property investment strategies.

“I’m proud to work with so many Australian property investors who crave relevant, authentic information,” says Tarrant.

“We share the stories of investors – from those who have perhaps a single property to investors who have over 50. Everyone can learn from them and can evolve through that learning.

Momentum Media continues to see podcasting as an effective way to reach audiences in various sectors, with almost 20 podcast channels associated with media brands including Mortgage Business, The Adviser, Lawyers Weekly, Defence Connect, Accountants Daily and others. Still more are on the drawing board.