Momentum Media’s mortgage and finance broking brand, The Adviser, celebrates over half a million downloads of its podcasts

Momentum Media’s mortgage and finance broking brand, The Adviser, celebrates over half a million downloads of its podcasts

Momentum Media is delighted to announce that its flagship mortgage and finance broking brand, The Adviser, has reached a significant milestone in the world of podcasting.

The Adviser Podcast Network has hit the half million downloads milestone.

The Adviser’s podcast channel has now surpassed 500,000 downloads – a testament to its commitment to providing invaluable insights and inspiration to brokers and finance professionals.

The Adviser Podcast Network was started in 2015 to provide inspiration and insights to Australia’s mortgage and finance industry.

It brings together the best of the Australian broking industry within one dedicated platform, delivering brokers professional development advice and top tips on running a successful business.

Led by managing editor Annie Kane, The Adviser Podcast Network includes a number of focused programs, including:

● Elite Broker: The Adviser’s longest-running series interviewing Australia’s leading brokers to uncover their career progression, how they’re operating a busy broker business, and their top tips for brokers looking to run a successful brokerage.

● In Focus: Delving into one particular theme impacting the broking industry, In Focus provides thought leadership and insights to help brokers keep across the latest trends, innovations, and industry developments.

● New Broker: Co-hosted with senior journalist Kate Aubrey, the newest addition to the podcast channel interviews mortgage and finance brokers in the first few years of their broking career to showcase the rising stars of the industry. It also offers guidance and inspiration to those starting their broking career, the challenges they’re facing, and how they’re overcoming them.

The network now boasts a robust library of 433 episodes, spanning various categories, including 286 Elite Broker episodes, 92 In Focus episodes, and 27 New Broker episodes.

This vast collection of content has attracted a growing audience of mortgage brokers, aggregators, lenders, regulators, and fintechs as well as those who are eager to stay abreast of the latest trends, strategies, and insights in the mortgage and finance broking industry.

Annie Kane, managing editor of The Adviser, celebrated the milestone achievement, stating: “We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and thank our subscribers and sponsors for their support and engagement over the years!

“We started this podcast channel to empower brokers and finance professionals with the knowledge and expertise they need to grow – and to inspire others with stories of success from this passionate and hardworking industry.

“Given the size of the industry, we are thrilled that we have achieved more than 500,000 downloads over the last eight years, and we are overwhelmed by the response from our listeners who continue to tune in to learn more about the leading lights of the mortgage and finance broking industry.

“Thank you to all of our subscribers, sponsors, and supporters for helping us to achieve this landmark achievement. And, of course, to all of the many brilliant brokers who have let us share their stories!”

The podcast’s popularity can be attributed to its commitment to delivering relevant, up-to-date, thought-provoking content.

The Adviser’s podcast channel has earned a reputation as the go-to resource for mortgage brokers and finance professionals. It has become a platform where listeners can gain valuable insights, stay in the loop about industry developments, and be inspired by the success stories of elite brokers.

As The Adviser’s podcast channel continues to grow and expand its reach, Momentum Media remains dedicated to delivering exceptional content empowering professionals in the mortgage and finance broking industry.


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