'Mini-Con' sets the stage for Momentum Group's future

'Mini-Con' sets the stage for Momentum Group's future

25 January 2020

Momentum Group team members gathered together on Level 12 of the company’s North Sydney headquarters yesterday for an important business update.

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Mini-Con 20 was designed to help ensure our people connect even more closely to the purpose and direction of the Momentum Group businesses.

Mini-Con 20, which took place on Thursday 23 January, included a brief business presentation followed by an informal garden party at nearby Anderson Park.

The event was convened to help ensure our people continue to be connected to the purpose and direction of the business. It provided an opportunity to give people a voice – a chance to be curious, ask questions and be heard. It was also an occasion that enabled people to communicate across teams – meeting, mingling and forming connections outside their own departments, all while having a bit of fun as well.

Everyone from the Sydney office was invited in person, and team members from the Manila office listened in.

According to human resources manager, Kieran Smith, the approach of this latest staff conference was slightly different to previous iterations.

“In the past, when we’ve had business updates, they’ve focused more on what’s been going on up to that point,” said Kieran.

“This time, while we still covered the overall financial performance and KPIs of the business, we also focused on specific projects that will be delivered this quarter.

“For each of these projects, we said: ‘OK, we’re doing this. This is how it will impact you. This is what you may need to know, broadly. And this where you can get more information.’

“Rather than a general, unfocused information-sharing session, we signposted future outcomes, building an awareness of and desire for these new projects. This involved 30% of the time looking back at what we have done, and 70% of the time looking forward.”

Following the presentations, attendees adjourned to Anderson Park for lunch, drinks and games.

While the day was one of the hottest of the year, with the temperature exceeding 40 degrees, spirits were not diminished. A fun time was had by all who attended, helped by an abundance of sunscreen, water and wide-brimmed hats.