Jocko Willink connects with Momentum during Australian visit

Jocko Willink connects with Momentum during Australian visit

06 December 2019

Retired United States Navy SEAL, podcaster and author Jocko Willink visited Momentum Media HQtoday. While here, he shared his insights on leadership and accountability.

Phillip Tarrant, Jocko Willink and Joe Vince

(l-r) Momentum Media director Phillip Tarrant, Jocko Willink and Momentum Media senior partnerships manager Joe Vince.

Willink was in Australia to deliver Muster 009, an intensive two-day leadership training course designed to equip attendees with the tools needed to build high-performing, winning teams.

With lessons from his New York Times best-selling book Extreme Ownership, which Willink co-authored with Leif Babin (also a former SEAL), Muster 009 demonstrated combat leadership skills to over 400 Sydney attendees. Willink also showed the audience how to apply these principles in business and life.

Momentum team members attending included Jordon Colman, senior partnerships manager for Momentum’s mortgage products, and Joe Vince, senior partnerships manager across the company’s defence and space brands.

Vince, a former Royal Marine who joined Momentum in 2017, said participating at Muster 009 and connecting with Willink at the Momentum offices were among his most memorable experiences since joining the business.

“Having previous military experience, this event resonated with me, as I’ve had to apply combat leadership in both the forces and as a civilian.

“It reinforced important ethics learnt in the military, which can be applied in my personal and work life – some of which I had lost touch with slightly,” he said.
“A personal highlight for me, as part of Muster 009, was being able to train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with Jocko and his team, getting an understanding of why they train Jiu-jitsu, and how it helps with their personal wellbeing.”

In terms of Willink’s leadership principals, Vince said anyone can apply the laws of combat to civilian life, irrespective of what role they are in or what career stage.

Willink’s laws of combat are:

  • Cover and move: Teamwork is key; no silos … if your team fails, everybody fails.
  • Simple: Communicate the mission/objective simply, clearly and concisely.
  • Prioritise and execute: Detach, relax, look around and make a call.
  • Decentralised command: Everyone leads, the team understands what to do and why … don’t wait for orders

“It was great to see how well Jocko and the team at Echelon Front could execute their message to the audience and keep everyone engaged at all times,” Vince said.

Willink also joined Momentum to record a podcast with Defence Connect following the two-day Muster 009 event. In it, he discussed the tools and tactics of effective leadership and how great leaders can get the best out of their teams.

Phillip Tarrant, host of the Defence Connect podcast and a Momentum Media director, said it was a privilege to welcome Willink to Momentum and record the podcast with him.

“I’ve been a fan of Jocko’s podcast and books for a number of years and draw on many of his principles of leadership as part of my role here at Momentum.

“He’s a straight-talking, focused, driven guy who is happy to share his experience.

“He’s also very conscious of how his work helps to transform people’s lives and businesses, and he has a real passion for it,” Tarrant said.

“I didn’t realise how many Jocko fans we had in the office. It was great of Jocko to do a ‘meet and greet’ with many from our team and sign a few books.”

The podcast will be available at shortly.