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REB empowers real estate agents to launch agencies

REB empowers real estate agents to launch agencies

29 March 2021

Real Estate Business will be hosting a second masterclass for agents wanting to break out and start their own businesses.

REB, with the support of Managed App, is pleased to reveal the launch of a brand-new masterclass: How to build your rent roll, fast.

Moderator Grace Ormsby will be joined by the co-founder of Managed App, Thom Richards, Real Estate Dynamics’ rent roll and agency broker, Dean Yeo, and Starr Partners Windsor director Adam Buchert, to explore the quickest and most effective ways new agencies can gain rapid traction through good property management.

The experts will do a deep-dive into the ways new agencies can differentiate themselves from established competitors, how they can go about acquiring an existing rent roll, and how to value a growing asset.

Questions that will be considered by the panel of experts include: How do I win landlords? How do I avoid dud acquisitions? What kind of properties should I be targeting? How can I leverage my assets to drive further growth?

REB news editor Grace Ormsby said the event will provide an insightful look at the ways in which real estate professionals who are looking to go out and start their own agencies can ensure they get off on the right foot.

“We’ll be looking to industry best practice and case studies to equip agents with the information and understanding they need to start a business fast, and with ample opportunity for growth,” she outlined.

“Whether you are ready to launch an agency now, or it’s a decision you are contemplating down the track, it’ll be a must-watch masterclass!”

To register to watch the free masterclass, click here

This masterclass is live and interactive, so prepare your questions for our panel of specialists.

It follows the successful REB Masterclass on 18 March, “How to launch a growth agency”, which saw real estate trainer Tom Panos, Managed App’s Thom Richards and REB executive editor Phillip Tarrant discuss all considerations related to starting up a new agency in 2021.