Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network reaches 1m downloads

Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network reaches 1m downloads

05 July 2022

In late 2017, Momentum Media’s law brand Lawyers Weekly launched The Lawyers Weekly Show. Now, the brand’s podcast network has six different shows under its umbrella and has surpassed 1 million downloads worldwide.

Lawyers Weekly editor and podcast host Jerome Doraisamy said that legal professionals are increasingly consuming content through audio-visual mediums.

The podcast shows produced by Lawyers Weekly, under the banner of The Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network, recently hit the milestone of 1 million downloads across the globe.

Having started in November 2017 as a weekly production that garnered just over 4,000 downloads per month, podcasting at Lawyers Weekly has exploded into the brand’s fastest-growing content medium, with an average of four episodes per week across different streams and demographics, and with more than 50,000 downloads worldwide monthly, and listeners on every continent.

The Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network consists of the following shows: The Lawyers Weekly Show, The Corporate Counsel Show, The Boutique Lawyer Show, The Protégé Podcast, LawTech Talks, and Legal Lightbulbs.

Lawyers Weekly director William Magee said: "It’s amazing to see the podcast grow from strength to strength. It really has been the quiet achiever here for the last number of years, each month incrementally growing to now being at the point where we’re regularly receiving over 50,000 downloads per month – considering that there’s a little over 100,000 people working in legal services in this country, it speaks volumes as to its success."

"We’re very thankful to our listeners, the hundreds of guests that have come on the show and of course, our commercial partners that support the podcast," he added.

Speaking last week about the show’s growth, Lawyers Weekly editor and podcast host Jerome Doraisamy said that legal professionals are increasingly consuming content through audio-visual mediums.

This is being recognised, he noted, through the upped regularity of episodes being published: currently an average of four per week, as compared to the early days of a weekly episode.

“We are very cognisant of the demand for non-traditional modes of media moving forward, and will be looking to offer more and more audio-visual content for our dedicated subscribers in the future,” he said.

“We are thrilled not only with the growth trajectory of our various podcast shows, but also by the calibre of our guests, which only gets better over time.

“We can’t wait to keep producing stimulating, engaging conversations for our listeners.

“As always – we welcome any and all suggestions for topics we can and should be covering, as well as any guests with whom we should be speaking.”

On the point of reaching the milestone of one million downloads, Mr Doraisamy said that the expansion and achievements of the show are a testament not only to the audience’s loyalty, but also to the extraordinary efforts of the broader team at Momentum Media.

“We are very fortunate to have such a hard-working and dedicated AV team, without whom none of our podcasting success would be possible. As editor, I’m hugely grateful to our colleagues for helping us get to this point,” he said.

Last week, Lawyers Weekly published a ranking of the most-downloaded episodes on The Lawyers Weekly Show in 2022 to date.

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