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Aussie CEO talks to Mortgage Business about the evolution of broking

Aussie CEO talks to Mortgage Business about the evolution of broking

19 March 2021

James Symond, the CEO of Aussie Home Loans, sat down with Mortgage Business director Alex Whitlock to reflect on how the mortgage broking industry has evolved, and where he thinks it will go in the future.

The interview was the second episode of Mortgage Business’s new Mortgage and Finance Leader podcast, which provides a unique insight into the mindset of the most influential figures in Australia's $2.8 trillion mortgage industry.

In this episode of Mortgage & Finance Leader, Aussie CEO James Symond spoke candidly to Mortgage Business director Alex Whitlock about the evolution of the Aussie brand, the upcoming Commonwealth Bank and Lendi deal, and what he thinks will be in store for the mortgage broking industry moving forward.

Mr Whitlock said: “It's rare that I have an opportunity to catch up with somebody who has such significant depth of experience in the mortgage and finance industry. And yet is at the forefront of what is happening in a transformational business right here and now.

“If you just look at the environment we're in, low interest rates are booming property markets and getting first home buyers back into property, getting great prices for vendors. It's a really exciting time. And with the mortgage broking share sitting at where it is (near 60 per cent of all mortgages), it’s a fantastic time to be in the mortgage broking industry.

“It was fantastic having James with us for the one-on-one interview and was an outstanding opportunity to get closer to someone who has really been one of the architects of mortgage broking in Australia.”

You can listen to the podcast episode here: