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Technology is the catalyst that brings new ideas, new innovations and businesses to life.

It unlocks the power of the human thought to create ever faster and ever growing connections between ideas and action.

Those that develop technology are able to connect the underlying desires and needs of their customers with the intricate technical details that make their journeys seamless.

These experiences are the backbone of enabling growth throughout the Australian economy, enabling personalised touchpoints, the ability to share information and the ability to enable businesses to provide the best experiences to their customers.

Are you leading the way? This is your opportunity to be recognised.

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The Australian Digital Technology Awards is a targeted submission-based awards program that is underpinned by industry-wide brand performance research.

The awards program will recognise digital technology companies that are providing outstanding outcomes for a range of businesses, with a focus on:

  • Mortgage and finance brokers
  • Real estate businesses
  • Accountants and SMSF advisers
  • Financial planners
  • Lawyers and solicitors

Based on the feedback provided by these industry professionals within each sector, combined with the quality of the submissions submitted by each participating digital technology company, will be ranked among their competitive set of digital technology companies in their industry.


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Why enter to the 2021
Australian Digital Technology Awards?

Your opportunity to be recognised as a leader in technology and build your reputation.

Your organisation has the opportunity to be recognised as a leader in your industry - setting you head and shoulders above your competitors and opening new doors.

A ranking will be announced across Momentum Media’s suite of platforms to reflect the leaders across each industry, increasing brand exposure immensely.


Unlock exclusive market research at a fraction of its true cost but multiples of value

The results of the brand performance survey will be made available, for no additional cost, for all organisations who complete their submission to this year’s awards.

This is your opportunity to find out exactly what your existing and potential customers think about you and your competitors.


The methodology

The Australian Digital Technology Awards is a submission-based awards program combined with a large, cross-industry brand performance survey.

The Australian Digital Technology Awards weights the results of the brand performance survey at 20%, with a written submission to provide a “performance score”, at 80%. From this, a ranking will be determined with 1 winner, followed by a ranking through to ten to showcase the leaders in each industry.

The final submission will be assessed by a panel of respected industry professionals and business leaders. These judges are drawn from the business community, academia, associations, not-for-profit, consulting and specific industry sectors – offering diversity in submission assessment. A pool of judges will be allocated to judge each industry to ensure a blended assessment of submissions.

Judges will score each submission against the specific category criteria and assessment requirements, with the aggregate of the judges’ scores used to determine the ranking in each industry.

A ranking of one to ten will be announced in each industry for their excellence in servicing their industry professionals:

  • Mortgage broking (mortgage and finance brokers)
  • Legal services (lawyers, solicitors, corporate counsels)
  • Financial advice (financial advisers and planners)
  • Accounting (accountants, bookkeepers, CFOs and corporate accountants)
  • Real estate (real estate agents, property managers and principals)

Each organisation that is ranked will be delivered an awards seal that can be used to showcase your achievement.

The Brand Performance Survey

Momentum Media’s research house, Momentum Intelligence, is currently surveying across each of the following industries to reveal the attitudes, perceptions and priorities across each industry’s professionals.

These surveys provide a unique opportunity for your brand to be evaluated by industry professionals beyond your existing network, unlocking a whole new world of insights and opportunities.

Explore the surveys:

Australian Digital Technology Awards: Brand performance survey questions

  1. Technology usage:
    Which of the following digital technology companies do you currently use or have you used over the last 12 months?
  2. Customer impact scores:
    How much impact do these platforms have on your ability to achieve your objectives? (Positive impact to negative impact)
  3. Net Promoter Scores:
    How likely is it that you would recommend each of these platforms to your friends or colleagues? (10 = Extremely likely, 1 = Not at all likely)
  4. Brand awareness:
    Which of the following brands have you heard of before today?
  5. Brand consideration:
    Which of the following brands would you consider using in the next 12 months?

Every organisation that completes their submission before 31 January 2021 will receive access to the complete results of this survey.

The complimentary brand performance report (worth $10,000) will reveal your brand’s equity in the industry by showing and comparing your brand’s level of awareness and consideration in the eyes of your target market.

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